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Let's Transform your Vocal Technique,& Ignite Your Confidence

Do you want to express your full vocal potential? To truly know how your voice works? Do you want powerful tools and guidance from experts, and a community where your voice is uplifted and celebrated?

Then the Vocal Freedom Club is For You

Are you ready to let your voice soar? In our Vocal Freedom Club, your unique melodies are not just heard—they're celebrated. Join a community where empowering your voice means embracing your true self. Discover a space that resonates with your story, nurtures your talent, and amplifies your identity. It's not just vocal training; it's a journey to vocal liberation. Ready to be celebrated for who you truly are?

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Be Part of The VFC Club

Discover a transformative journey in vocal empowerment with our Comprehensive Membership Package. From personalized consultations to an inclusive community, every aspect of our club is designed to elevate your voice. Whether it's through our curated training portal, diverse warm-up library, or heartfelt video check-ins, we tailor our approach to fit your unique vocal story.

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Vocal Exploration and Personal Growth

Unlock the true expression of your voice and embark on a journey of self-discovery.


Personalized Welcome Consultation

Begin your vocal journey with a session designed to understand your unique goals. Valued at $200.


Heartfelt Video Check-ins

Receive personalized feedback that nurtures your vocal and personal growth. Valued at $400.


Your Vocal Story Journal

A personal tool to document and reflect on your vocal evolution. Valued at $50.


Industry Guest Insights

Learn from diverse voices and gain industry insights to broaden your vocal horizon. Valued at $250.

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Community Engagement and Skill Building

Ready to elevate your voice in a community that shares your dreams and aspirations?


Inclusive Group Access

Ever felt alone in your vocal journey? Connect with peers who share your dreams, in a space where every voice is heard. Valued at $300.


Diverse Warmup Library

Searching for exercises that really suit your voice? Explore a variety tailored just for you. Valued at $300


Bi-Weekly Calls

Looking for continuous growth and support? Engage in group webinars and one-on-one sessions that cater to your needs. Valued at $600.


Curated Training Portal

Ever wished for courses that resonate with your story? Discover training that enhances your skills and confidence. Valued at $700.

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Founding Member Exclusive

An opportunity for members to shape the community with their insights and experiences through monthly feedback sessions.

This package offers a unique role for founding members, allowing them to contribute directly to the development and direction of the Vocal Freedom Club.

Total Value: A Life-Changing



Regular: $499/month

Special: Just $199/month

Get to know us better

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What makes our Club Unique?

At the Out There Singing Vocal Freedom Club, we understand that every voice has a story yearning to be told. That's why we've created a space where your vocal journey is not just supported, but celebrated. Whether you're just beginning or looking to elevate your skills, our club offers a range of features designed with you in mind

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Your Story, Your Voice

At Out There Singing, we understand the power of voice, especially for those who have been marginalized. Our mission is to provide a space where your voice isn't just heard & trained; it's celebrated & amplified.


Artistic Journey
Starting as a vocalist from a repressive background in Southern rural Alberta, Ocean's career spans continents, including work in Film and TV with collaborators from works such as Schitt's Creek & Star Trek. They founded Out There Singing, focusing on empowering queer voices. Ocean's artistic range extends from performing in cabarets to developing a musical with Grammy nominee Pablosky Rosales, reflecting their trans experience against a conservative backdrop.

Educational and Collaborative Endeavors
Ocean, a Master's graduate in Musical Theatre from one of Europe's top educational institutions, is not only a skilled voice teacher and life coach in Toronto but also collaborates globally. They provide a range of singing lessons and work with international projects like Queer Your Voice, where they lend their expertise and passion for nurturing diverse vocal talents in a trauma informed environment.

Voices of Our Community

Singer / Songwriter

"I play a lot of gigs as a singer/songwriter, and I've noticed that I can now sing for longer without fatigue, have a larger range, better intonation, and get way more compliments on my voice than ever before"

Actor, The Parker Andersons

"I’ve seen such a great improvement in my singing technique and also my confidence to sing and try for notes I would’ve shied away from before. "

Visual Artist

"From the moment I started learning how to sing with Tylor, I have felt so comfortable and encouraged! The entire session is enjoyable and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short time! - that’s how special he is!"

Ready to Share Your Voice with the World?

Join the Out There Singing Vocal Freedom Club today. Here, your voice finds its true power, and your story becomes a song of freedom.

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