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The Bounce BTS



in collaboration with Camp on Fire Productions

as writer, creator, & producer
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A retro-comedy with a big heart, following a crew of aerobics dancers, trying to make it out of the soft-core porn section and on to Jane Fender-like TV Stardom.

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A drama about the end of an era for the Stanton Family. After her parents' passing, Beth is left as executor to the modest estate. When her brother, Andy, comes for the funeral, the past is dug up, and threatens to ruin what legacy the Stanton Family has left.

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A queer romance. Adam left the music industry to save himself from addiction. Years later, working in a law office, he meets a young musician who stirs up old feelings. This is the story of the pains and joys of overcoming addiction.

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Ann is the matriarch of the town's richest family, and wife to Thomas Putnam, who has been waging war against the evils of their newly settled land.

At her husband's behest, Ann has gone before the counsel to name her lover & maid, Mary, as a witch. Ann is able to give Mary warning to flee Salem, though disobeying her husband by doing so.

All the while, the town of Salem prepares for a night which many of the townsfolk will not survive. 

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Angela's father left her to have another family when she was 5. And when legal troubles arose, he came running back, 15 years later, leaving his wife and daughter, Sadie, on a land ripe with the minerals needed produce a bio weapon.

After doing some digging on her father, Angela discovers what he was up to throughout the 15 years that he was away. She vows to overthrow the patriarchal reign of Keaton Pharmaceuticals, and place herself atop the ladder.

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Made-for-TV Musical

A Non-Binary musical TV Series, featuring the music of Juno Winning Cuban composer, Pablosky Rosales

Shane, a young man from a small Canadian town, is living a bleak reality in isolation. Disheartened and alone, Shane finds a majestic drag queen in his closet named Sheri, who invites him to a land where diversity and inclusivity is not the norm. Girl, it's celebrated.

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Alex is a trans girl in her senior year, who comes to school one day to find out that Florida has passed a bill allowing gender inspection for trans youth.

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